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Club challenge NO.1 in VIC

At the recently concluded VIC Fencing Championship, our young fencers once again demonstrated their indomitable spirit and exceptional skills. Whether they were novices stepping into the arena for the first time or experienced veterans, every participant gave their all, battling with sweat and determination in intense competitions for the honor of the club. It is the hard work and struggle of these young swordsmen and women that has once again gloriously enabled our club to clinch the crown in the Club Challenge, marking our 9th consecutive year of achieving the top overall score in the state (first in foil and second in épée)!

The success behind this achievement would not have been possible without the selfless support and commitment of each parent. Their day-to-day companionship and encouragement have provided a solid backbone both emotionally and materially for the children. Their sacrifices and dedication have paved the way for every victory of the club.

This glory belongs to all of us! Let us look forward together, anticipating that we will achieve further success in next year's competitions, adding more luster to the club's honor. In this regard, let us once again extend our sincerest thanks to the participating children, the hard-working coaching team, and the parents who have consistently supported us!


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